Cobb Black Silicone Turbo Inlet STI 2008-2017

Regular price $195.00
The Cobb Turbo Inlet for 2008-2017 STI will eliminate the factory hose with ridges that can cause turbulence in the intake passage and rejects high engine bay temperatures keeping the air closer to ambient temperature.

The steel wire reinforced design eliminates the issue of hose collapse that other inlet hoses suffer under vacuum at peak demand, yet allows adequate flex between the engine and the intake.

  • 5-Ply silicone in Black
  • Larger diameter allows for increased airflow delivery to the turbo
  • Increase horsepower, decrease turbo spool time, improve throttle response and acceleration
  • Direct OEM fitment
  • Design for standard sized inlets on the turbo of 2.4"

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