Cobb Flex Fuel Package WRX 08-14 / STI 08-17

Regular price $800.00

The Cobb Flex Fuel Package for the WRX 08-14 / STI 08-17 is a complete plug and play package that includes both the ethanol sensor and pressure sensor kits.

Ethanol Sensor Kit

A plug and play solution allowing users to convert their WRX 08-14 / STI 08-17 to a flex fuel setup. This kit leverages OEM fuel and electronic connectors while measuring the ethanol content of fuel being fed to the motor. That data is then converted into a signal that the ECU can use for adjusting calibrations and to be displayed via Accessport.

 Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

This kit allows users to monitor fuel pressure using a 0-100 PSI Sensor, Sensor adapter, and OEM quality connectors which attach to existing inputs.

With Both of these kits fuel pressure and ethanol content values are able to be sent to the ECU and monitored via your Accessport.

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