DeatschWerks 1700cc Injectosr for the Ford Focus ST and Focus RS.

DeatschWerks 1700cc Injector Set Focus ST / Focus RS

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The DeatschWerks 1700cc Injector set for the Ford Focus ST and Focus RS includes a match set of 4 units. 

The new injector flows 1700cc/min at 100 bar of fuel pressure which is more than a 30% increase in flow over the stock EcoBoost injectors supplied from Ford. 

The DeatschWerks patent-pending process used in this injector allows for increased flow while retaining the OE spray pattern, which maximizes fuel economy, emissions, and drivability.


  • 30% increase in flow
  • Drop-in fitment
  • OE Spray Pattern
  • Track proven performance


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